Welcome to Green River BBQ!

Green River BBQ, Saluda, NCServing Authentic Southern Bar-B-Que, Chicken, Ribs, Beef, Smoked Turkey, Seafood, Sandwiches and much, much, more!

Bring your well behaved, leashed, 4 legged friends and dine at our “Barking Lot” like Emma, the Jack Russell Terrier.

Come see the new bar and try one of our popular wraps!!!

At Green River Bar-B-Que, our promise to you is:

We will always strive to give you the best food at the most reasonable price possible.

19 Responses to Welcome to Green River BBQ!

  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Melanie-
    My brother Jay and I stopped by in August (we’re from Milwaukee) for some BBQ on our way to Charleston and I may have left my ring at your restaurant or possibly the highway motel we stayed at nearby. I sent them an email as well but haven’t heard back….it’s a large clunky metal band with 3-green cut glass inserts. My husband actually made it so it’s a bit unusual! I’ll send a picture later if you’d like…anyway, I know its a LONG SHOT, but a possibility all the same!
    Jay sez hi…(loves your BBQ-) Had to ask….best wishes from Milwaukee SANDY

  2. Melanie says:

    Hello Sandy!
    I do remember you and I’m sorry we did not find a ring. I enjoyed talking with you and I hope I see you again! Melanie

  3. Laura Lilly says:

    My husband and I visited Saluda about a month ago and ate lunch at your restaurant. I was so pleasantly surprised! Before eating, I figured yeah a good home-cooked meal, but I had no idea HOW GOOD!! Your food is AWESMOME!! I am still in awe over how good the BBQ tasted, and I grew up a Lexington BBQ snob… 🙂 Your side items were to die for as well – sweet potatoes never tasted so good anywhere and corn nuggets OMG! We’ll definitely drive up many times to come for some good eatin’s at your place!! Thanks!!

  4. Katie says:

    Hi there!

    My husband Justin and I just had a delightful dinner at your place. He had the ribs and I had the beef brisket. The sweet potato casserole was amazing and the peanut butter pie was divine. Tammy was the best waitress we’ve ever had anywhere! Thanks for the great bbq, we’ll be back!

    Katie & Justin
    Milwaukee, WI

  5. Melanie says:

    OHHHH thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Norman says:

    I travel I-26 every few months, and try to hit Saluda around lunch time, love your place ,the food is great. !!

  7. Hey Melanie: So great to see you last week. I can’t come south to see Joyce and Dave without a pilgrimage to the best BBQ joint in the world! Heck, it’s only 500 miles. Bring on the chopped pork and mustard sauce!! Manna from Heaven. Love you dear friend and you look great! Until next time…..Susan

  8. We had guests from Greensboro, NC last weekend who said that the BBQ at Green River BBQ was the best they had ever had! (And being from Greensboro, you can bet that they’d had plenty of good bbq.) They liked it so much that they ordered some to go – all the way to their neighbors in Greensboro!

  9. George Johnson says:

    Hi … My westie, Mac, and I are coming up tomorrow (Tuesday) to stay up at Dark Corner and I’m thing about stopping for lunch around 1. You think the Barking Lot will be cool enough for us?

  10. Mary Bartholomew says:

    Hi, Melanie,
    We live in Asheville and have been at your great restaurant several times, often bringing family members who are visiting. My husband, quite handicapped, loves your chairs–they are comfortable for him. You sent me the company that makes them and I looked it up. I could only buy them in sets of four or more! Last time we were at the Green River BarBQ I asked if I could buy one of your chairs. They said I should contact you. My husband’s birthday is Thursday (Sept 15) and I plan to drive him to Saluda to have a late lunch at your place. I would love to buy him one of your chairs for his birthday. Would this be possible?

  11. Jackie Cook says:

    We have eaten at Green River Barbeque three times. Told some friends about it tonight and plan on bringing them up on Thursday. Your beef brisket is my favorite and your potato casserole, so delicious. See you soon!

  12. Andrea says:

    I’m traveling to Asheville on a business trip at the end of October, I can’t wait to go back to your restaurant!! Excellent service, amazing bbq…but I’m dying to try one more time the CORN NUGGETS!!! I hope you still make them as I didn’t see them in your menu.
    Thanks for this yummy food and I’ll see you soon!!

  13. Fred Block says:

    We are coming out with BottleTree Blonde on tap in December (all kegged batch), so contact Next Generation if you would like to have it on tap–he is taking pre-orders. Tap handles are super nice. Almost as good as your BBQ. ;-)~

  14. Dale Drake Bold Life/Carolina Home/ Verve and Hendersonville Scoop/ad rep. says:

    We want to wish you a great holiday season and continued success ! Love that BBQ , fried Chicken (the best ever) and the terrific tomatoe Pie ! All this praise from, ” THE PICKEY PALET” food critic. We have tried them all so that’s saying somthing ! Thanks for being in beautiful Saluda. DD

  15. Jamie Hutchison says:

    The first time I tried Greenriver BBQ was this summer. My fiance works at a summer camp and they had Greenriver BBQ for the after summer tube trip down the green river. If you have never been to the area the tube trip and BBQ are a must. That fateful day is the day that I tasted the potato salad (to good for words) and the Briskett. Since then mind you it is only February now my fiance had picked up potato salad for me at least once, He and I have eaten there and I just brought my mom and she loved it and pland to bring my Dad. If you do not want to fall in love with there food don’t go but if you do no mind starting and addiction then go gor it. Funny thing is I have never really like BBQ or potato salad honestly and now there are times that is all I can think about. I have a plan to try everyside they have! I am stuck on that tomato pie and potato salad I can only imagine how good the other sides are. The greens are delicious and the sweet potato casserole. Words can not desribe so let your palate be the judge! I have not made it to desset yet but I have my eyes ont that peanut butter pie!!!

  16. Sherry says:

    My husband and I ate at Green River yesterday. We have been coming there for 22 years. We actually spent our honeymoon in Saluda. He is a HUGE train nut. Alot about Saluda has changed in the past 22 yrs, but not the BBQ at Green River. It is as delicious as ever. We try to make it there a couple times a year and hopefully will be doing so for years to come! LOVE IT!

  17. Virginia says:

    My parents and nephews are visiting us next week and we will be loading up the car (group total of 8 people) and heading your way on Thursday. We haven’t had Green River BBQ in a few years and my taste buds are having major cravings. You, literally, have the best BBQ we have ever tasted!!! We canNOT wait to get there. See you soon! =)

  18. Dianne says:

    Our extended family came to Saluda tubing this past weekend. I just Googled good restaurants in Saluda and found your place. We decided to give it a try! We were not disappointed!!! The BBQ was probably the best we have ever had and the sides were awesome! We had the corn nuggets, onion straws, baked potato casserole and fried corn on the cob. All were amazing! We can’t wait to come back in the fall to eat there again! Great FOOD and SERVICE!

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